hairpiece (2011)

Duration: 08:00 min.
Music: Mats Claesson’s live processing of Arne Nordheim’s piano piece “listen” (1972).
This recording is made by Mats Claesson and Trond Schau.

Exhibition history

  • Paradox, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo (2013)
  • Norwegian Experimental Film and Video, Lincoln Center NYC (2011)
  • Stir heart/Urolig hjerte, Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo (2010)
  • two point perspective” Galleri Jennestad (2009)
  • Unn Fahlstrøm and Christian Messel Galleri K (2008)


  • National Museum for Art Architecture and Design, Oslo

Research material for the work was produced at Experimental Television Center, Owego NY

The work was produced with the support of the Arts Council Norway